Jim Mildren

Jim Mildren



Crossfit Level One

Weightlifting / Power Sports Coach Level One

Crossfit Specialty Course - Masters Athletes

Crossfit Scaling

Crossfit Judges Course

Senior First Aid and CPR

About Coach

I started weight training around the time I left school but had not done any real training for a couple of years. In 2012, I needed to get back into shape after a knee reconstruction so I could do a two-week, 7,500 km dirt bike ride. As soon as I started my on-ramp course at the Dungeon, I realized that this was the sport I had been looking for. I completed my Level 1 certification in January 2016 and I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to help coach our great Dungeon athletes ever since. I raced motocross and participated in Dirt Bike Enduros and Pony Express events in Qld and NSW until 2007. While I was at university I played touch football to A-grade level, and I've done a little road cycling and mountain bike racing. I get asked all the time: “Yeah but CrossFit is just for the youngsters right” But if you look around our gym, there are so many age ranges that all workout together. I am just one of the many #YouthMasterAthlete

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I love the opportunity to help people learn new skills and rediscover things that they thought they might have lost. Helping someone learn to do their first pullup or find a PR in an Olympic lift is very satisfying, but the best thing about the Dungeon is seeing people learning to support each other in the quest to improve their lives.

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