Katja Jensen

Katja Jensen



CrossFit level 1

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

About Coach

Growing up in Switzerland I was fortunate to be able to enjoy skiing, riding my bike, hiking, and just enjoying the outdoors. I played handball till I was 30 and having too many injuries made me realize that I needed to focus more on strength and functional fitness. I started CrossFit @CF Basel in 2010, a year before moving to Australia. Then started at the Dungeon end of 2011 and not only enjoyed the getting fitter and stronger part but also the community side.

Turning Point

Being consistent with my CrossFit training has made me the strongest I have ever been, mentally and physically. I love the competition side of it either against myself or in a team at a competition. I learned on the way about movement and the body which helps me with my work as a Physiotherapist. I keep learning and having realizations the longer I do CrossFit, which I think is one of the reasons I am still as much in love with it as I have been since the beginning.

Motivation & Passion

CrossFit still has a bad reputation with a lot of Physiotherapists. I like to share my passion for CrossFit and make people understand that you can exercise and lift heavy without risk if you do it correctly. I think especially being a youth master I hope that I can inspire and prove that everything is possible if you are patient and consistent with your training.

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