Lenore Victor

Lenore Victor



CrossFit Anatomy Course

Currently Studying Bachelor in Medical Science (Nutrition)

Cert 3 in Business Administration

Diploma in Higher Education (General Studies)

About Coach

I grew up with 5 Brothers all of who played sports and music. So it was a given that I played sport too. I played many team sports; Netball, Basketball, Touch Football, AFL, and Rugby League in my youth, and prior to having kids, represented at Local, State & Territory levels. The music part has definitely skipped the only girl in the family, I do sing but only in the shower lol

Turning Point

6 years ago my husband suggested we try Crossfit, as he is a FIFO worker we wanted to try something new that we could do together and of all things CF is what he suggested - I remember turning up and letting him get out of the car and locking the door behind him, I refused to get out. Luckily Sharon finally convinced me to come in. I was overweight, very unhealthy, and smoked at the time. I remember being asked "How can we help you, what do you want to achieve? " I wanted to become healthier, stop smoking and be a better role model for my children- 2 weeks later I quit smoking, and am continuing to learn about how food works for me and my family, not only from coaches but the friends I have made and the amazing community of likeminded individuals.

Motivation & Passion

I am currently studying for a Bachelor in Medical Science (Nutrition) and I hope to give back to the Dungeon Community one day with the knowledge that I will gain. In the meantime, I can be seen behind the desk helping the Coaches where I can and very soon welcoming baby #3.

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