Malcolm Wright

Malcolm Wright

Owner / Head Coach

Squat 192kg

Overhead Squat 152kg

Snatch 115kg

Greatest Dad Ever!

Never runs with scissors (those last two words are unnecessary!)

26 unbroken Strict HSPU


Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science

Bachelor of Business

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

Australian Weightlifting Federation Licensed Coach/Sports Power Coach - Level 1

(NCAS ID: 60402843)

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association - Level One Coach (ASCA ID 11971)

Advanced First Aid Provider & CPR

Certification III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training

Sports Medicine Australia Certificate

Queensland Blue Card

Weightlifting Seminars: Bob Takano, Donny Shankle, Ben Turner & Linzey BeisterCertificate of "Best Dad in the World" (it's legit!)

About Coach

With both my parents being heavily involved in exercise and sport (recreationally and for National Representation), growing up I kinda had no choice but to be active and involved in the sport as well. Along the way, I can honestly say I've played (or at least attempted) almost (almost) every sport there is. If I haven't played a particular sport yet, I would definitely love to have a crack at attempting it! I was introduced to weight training at around 15 by my mum, who was at that stage a titleholder for bodybuilding. This kicked off my love of the strength and conditioning side of things, in which I have now been involved for over 20 years. I have been involved in Elite Sports Athlete development, both as an athlete and as a trainer/coach for regional, state, and national levels for Sports including Rugby Union, Outrigger Canoe Racing & Weightlifting. Since leaving university I have traveled around the world gaining global life experience: From as far as living in PNG while working for an Oil Exploration company to living in Canada for a number of years furthering my education and experience in the Fitness industry.

Turning Point

Growing up around sport and fitness I've always thought I had a good grasp on working hard and achieving my potential. I thought I was pretty fit and strong when I first started Crossfit ... then I realized I was nowhere near what I thought I should be. A quick ego check on myself and a bit of humble pie. Then I realized I was only scraping the surface of what potential we all had within us. I was hooked, and I was improving! Fast forward a couple of years, and i was watching someone do some Muscle Ups thinking to myself, "I can't link any together! I can do one rep really well, but i can only manage single reps at a time" ... then it happened; my mindset shifted and i thought to myself ... "well, WHY can't you? It's only you telling yourself you can't. I bet you can if you try". So i jumped up and ended up getting 7 in a row. This style of training we do has contantly changed and evolved who i am, how i think and how i behave. I have realised so many times that when things get tough, we are our own limiting factors. Our minds and self doubt are what stop us achieving what we want to. It's not easy, but the more i work on my thoughts and being positive, seeing ALL the things around me to be grateful for, and being happy with what i am accomplishing; then i can accomplish more yet again. This is relevant to everyday life, but is highlighted in the workouts we do (especially when they get tough).

Motivation & Passion

I believe the #FunandGains personifies what happens at CrossFit Dungeon. We laugh. We have fun. And we improve! raining is hard work, don’t get me wrong. I love it. But if I can laugh, make people laugh with me (or even at me), then the struggle doesn’t feel as hard, and we begin to enjoy the pain even more! The thing I love most about coaching is the “I did it” look. Once a client finally achieves what they were trying so hard to do, you see that ‘I did it look on their face, and you can’t help but smile yourself. It feels good, and it’s as much a selfish thing for myself as it is for them. I am also one of the many #YouthMasterAthletes in our gym! I have been involved in sports my whole life and involved in the Fitness Industry for almost as long as I can remember. Had my first PT clients back in 2000. It took me a very long time to find CrossFit, but when I did I realized it embodied everything I enjoyed about fitness. I believe it will for you too!

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