Nataleigh Wright

Nataleigh Wright


Deadlift 152kg

Squat 122kg

I like things with heavy barbells



CrossFit Level 1

AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach 1 Licence

Queensland Blue Card

About Coach

As young boys and girls, we are influenced by how we look. We are expected to meet near-impossible beauty standards and often focus on the number on a set of scales and tie our worth to this number. Starting CrossFit has helped me to change the way in which I view my body and increased my appreciation for it tenfold. It has shifted my focus from the number on the scales to the number on the barbell. But more importantly, it has transformed my mindset to believe that; how my body performs and how I feel in my body is more important than what it looks like and how others perceive it. Health and fitness look different for everyone and I think the beauty of CrossFit is that it truly helps you appreciate what your body is capable of. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and there are so many new skills to learn and you’ll surprise yourself with how far you can push yourself.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My purpose is to help. It always has been. I like sharing my knowledge with people but I love supporting people in their journey to better or challenge themselves and it motivates me to want to do the same in my life. Watching people reach their goals and sharing in their celebration is awesome but it’s the little (big!) things that make me want to keep coaching. Like watching someone's confidence take off, meeting the most interesting people of different ages, ethnicities, faiths, etc., seeing people’s “A-Ha” moment when a movement finally clicks, and also seeing the grit that people put in, day-in and day-out.

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