Ray Reyes

Ray Reyes



Cert 3 and 4 Personal Trainer

CrossFit L2

AWF Level 2

Australian Strength & Condition L2

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Master of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy (on-hold until 2023)

About Coach

I been involved in sports since I was 8, playing tennis at a national level, amateur boxing and in my late teens got into rock climbing, competing at world and European level competitions. The love for sports and training organically led me to a career in fitness. I got into CrossFit about 12 years ago by luck as I used to live across the first CrossFit gym ever open in Sydney and I did my internship hours there and just loved it. Outside of the gym, I also work as an IT consultant so my empathy to those that have a 9-5 job trying to find time for fitness is very strong

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

Becoming a Dad 4 years ago, gave me a whole new perspective and respect for health and the importance of it, especially long term. I emphasize and have the same challenges from a parents perspective and those juggling work and health. With that, I’m just passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves

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