Sylvia Lokollo

Sylvia Lokollo



Certified Personal Trainer

ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach L1

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach L1

AWF Sports Power Coach

Certified Master Rehab Trainer

Certified Kettlebell Trainer

About Coach

I grew up playing different sports in high school, but my main sport from 8 years old to my mid 20’s was tennis. I grew up in Fiji, playing in the ITF circuit, then later got selected to represent Pacific Oceania in Fed Cup for two years in a row. At 17yo, I received a scholarship offer to play in the US in NCAA Division 1, which led me to my strength training journey in my late teens. I got into Filipino Martial Arts about 12 years ago and currently hold a 1st Dan Blackbelt in Combative Filipino Martial Arts. I left the corporate industry in 2010 after 2 years competing in bodybuilding. I was amazed at what the body can do and decided that the fitness industry was my calling. Since then I’ve trained a variety of clients including professional fighters. I took my business online in early 2020 to build a high ticket online transformation coaching business, which led me to now coaching high ticket online coaches streamline, simplify and create an online business that fit their life. Outside of gym and work, I enjoy living a simple life, eat ice cream, and grateful for the basic things in life.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I was obsessed with gym training since my late teens. But it wasn’t until I was 30yo when I really took the time to step back from lifting and put more effort into rehabilitating my 15 years of back pain from sports related injuries. I had to put my ego aside, learn how to align my body, breath properly, and learn to work-in before I work-out. I’ve overcompensated my whole life and learning to undo everything I knew, and use my brain to think and stabilise before moving was the hardest but most rewarding experience in my journey to become stronger mentally and physically. I am obsessed with movement, and passionate about helping people learn how to move with ease, with minimal pain, and find their confidence in getting stronger from the inside out.

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